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Short Stories of the Month: January 2015

Short Stories of the Month

Happy new year!

Each new year means a new start, a fresher look at things, and another opportunity to experience all that is good and wonderful in life. Let us leave behind the hurts and disappointments, the bitterness and resentment, and let us move on towards a stronger and better us. Here in The Short Story Station, we continue to share with you short stories that we hope will enrich your reading experience this 2015.

For the start of this year, we will be reading a couple of stories which are close to my heart. One is by a local author, an Ilonggo author in particular, while the other was a discovery I made a few years back while browsing some short story reviews.

The Whore of Mensa by Woody Allen (from Without Feathers, 1975)

Woody Allen in the 1970s

Woody Allen in the 1970s

I became curious about this story when a favorite local author mentioned this in her site and said a lot of good things about it. The Whore of Mensa is hilarious, and I chose this story to start the year with a little comic relief but without necessarily sacrificing literary quality. Woody Allen is notable for his comedy and while The Whore of Mensa is not necessarily his funniest work, it still contains witty and humorous situations which may lighten up your day. Also, what I liked about this story is that it contains a genre that introduced me to my love for reading: crime fiction.

The Dog Eaters by Leoncio P. Deriada (from The Dog Eaters and Other Plays, 1986)

Leoncio P. Deriada

Leoncio P. Deriada

Last month, we featured a local work (A Bread of Salt by NVM Gonzales) and I want to continue the exploration of homegrown short stories by choosing The Dog Eaters by Leoncio P. Deriada for this month. While I was in college, I had the privilege of enrolling in the class of  Prof. Deriada  who is a 2001 Palanca Hall of Famer. The Dog Eaters, which should not be confused with Jessica Hagedorn’s bestselling novel, is one of his notable works and depicts the life of a young couple who are always quarreling over the husband’s penchant for eating dog meat. It is a story of desperation and disillusionment, and is a realistic portrayal of marriage and poverty many of us are familiar with.

I hope you will enjoy our selections for this month. Links to the short stories are provided below. Again, happy new year and enjoy reading!


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