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“The great thing about a short story is that it doesn’t have to trawl through someone’s whole life; it can come in glancingly from the side.” – Emma Donoghue

Do you love reading?

Do you love short stories?

Do you love reading and writing about short stories?

Do you wish to contribute a story review, a collection review, or any write-up regarding short stories?

If your answer is yes to each question, please email us your contribution at shortstorystation [at] yahoo [dot] com with the following information:

  • A short and sweet intro about yourself (hint: you may answer what you like best about short stories).
  • Your blog address (if any), and other contact details where readers can find you.
  • Any photo related to the story, collection, or write-up that you wish to be published with your contribution (this is optional).

The Station Master will publish your contribution with full credit to you.

Here’s another question:

Do you want to join the Short Story Station Team?

If your answer is yes, and if you can commit yourself to this endeavor with passion and responsibility, please email us at shortstorystation [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Our Submission and Acceptance Policy

We reserve the right not to publish your contributions or accept your applications on our own discretion.

“We get so many people saying short fiction is not economical, that it doesn’t sell; but there are so many of us enjoying writing it and reading it. So it’s wonderful to be around people who love short fiction too – it’s like hanging around with my tribe.” – Junot Díaz

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